Why We Fall in Love with Solar Power

February is the month of love, so we felt it appropriate to share with you our reasons why we love solar at Direct Energy Solar. Going solar is an exciting leap to a new level of energy efficiency, independence and conservation. We love that solar power allows people everywhere to own their energy future. By … Continue reading “Why We Fall in Love with Solar Power”

7 Things to Consider Before Going Solar

Solar energy applications have been around for decades, but residential and small business solar have only recently hit the mainstream tipping point. Getting the chance to be a pioneer by installing rooftop solar is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming and you may not know how to get started. Your friends and connections can … Continue reading “7 Things to Consider Before Going Solar”

What Makes a Successful Solar Partnership?

With Direct Energy Solar’s Referral Partner Program, various companies throughout the Northeast are spreading the word about solar power to their customers—and making money from it. It’s a win-win for everyone. The partner earns rewards for each customer who goes solar. Those customers save money on their utility bill. And we all benefit from a … Continue reading “What Makes a Successful Solar Partnership?”

The Sun Will Always Rise

The sun rose today. It’ll rise tomorrow…and the day after that. It’ll continue to rise every day to power your home using solar panels on your roof. The sun is a constant. It’s not going anywhere any time soon. As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome sunshine into 2017, we need to remember that … Continue reading “The Sun Will Always Rise”