Simple ways to celebrate Earth Day 2017!

Celebrate Earth Day 2017 with Direct Energy Solar! Here are some meaningful ways that you can make a difference on April 22 and throughout the entire year at both your home and workplace.   1.) Give your car a break. Conserve your gasoline and limit your emissions for a day. Walk, run or ride a … Continue reading “Simple ways to celebrate Earth Day 2017!”

Energy Conscious Gift Guide 2015

Awesome Holiday Gifts Powered By the Sun! If you’re looking for some truly unique gift ideas this holiday season, look no further. While the latest gadget is often a popular holiday gift choice, consider putting a twist on this tradition by giving gadgets that are powered by the sun—and help your gift recipients save energy … Continue reading “Energy Conscious Gift Guide 2015”

How to Increase the ROI of Your Solar Installation

No matter how you pay for your solar installation, you enjoy utility bill savings. But when you own your system, solar becomes an investment that offers increasingly lucrative returns. How lucrative? In some states, the returns are higher than what you’d receive from CDs, bonds, and even the S&P 500. We’re talking about internal rates of … Continue reading “How to Increase the ROI of Your Solar Installation”

Energy Efficiency and Solar ROIs

Energy efficiency is the ability to do more work with less power. For some, this concept represents sacrifice—you have to make painful trade-offs between saving energy and leading the lifestyle that you want to live. But in fact, most energy efficiency strategies are 100% painless. And when done correctly, these improvements can dramatically increase the … Continue reading “Energy Efficiency and Solar ROIs”

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Efficient Living

New Year’s resolutions are usually a disappointment: You sign up for a gym membership but still put on weight. Credit card debt doesn’t go away as planned. New side projects never get started. So making a commitment to reduce your electricity bill by 50% or more may sound unrealistic. Why bother making another promise to … Continue reading “5 New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Efficient Living”