Hosting a Solar Open House Can Put Some Extra Sunshine in Your Pocket


We’ve all heard the term “Keeping up with the Joneses.” Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition among family and neighbors? Everyone wants to have that latest and greatest item that the neighbor just purchased, or the latest home improvement that they installed.

So…what about electricity savings? If your neighbor was enjoying that luxury, wouldn’t you want it too?

Research says YES! According to a 2015 study by University of Connecticut’s Marcello Graziano and Yale’s Kenneth Gillingham, someone is almost 50% more likely to go solar if their neighbor has solar panels installed.

This means huge referring potential for Direct Energy Solar customers. As a Direct Energy Solar customer, you already know that you can earn a generous referral award* for every person you refer to us who goes solar.

Direct Energy Solar has made the referring process even easier by tapping into the neighborhood buying power influence mentioned above—by hosting solar open houses with our current customers.

Why solar open houses are great for Direct Energy Solar customers.

Who doesn’t want to show off their solar system and the fact that they are saving money on their electricity bill, PLUS doing their part to help our environment?

It’s something to be proud of!

It’s something to celebrate with a party!

It’s something you can earn* extra money from…

When you host a solar open house with Direct Energy Solar, for every person who attends your open house and ends up going solar with us, you receive your generous referral award.* And that can add up pretty fast!

It is easy to host an open house!

Here’s how it works:

  • The homeowner schedules their open house date/time with Direct Energy Solar.
  • The homeowner invites their contacts to their party. Direct Energy Solar provides marketing materials that the homeowner can use to promote their event.
  • Direct Energy Solar covers event costs and provides light refreshments.
  • Direct Energy Solar assigns a local Solar Consultant to attend the event, give a short presentation, and answer questions.
  • Direct Energy Solar pays the homeowner their customer referral reward* for every sale resulting from the solar open house.

See? Super easy, fun, and rewarding!

Why solar open houses are great for friends, family and neighbors considering solar.

First of all, the event is free to attend! So why shouldn’t your friends, family and neighbors visit your home and learn how they can lower their electricity bill and see just how cool solar technology really is?

But even more importantly, to anyone who has been considering solar for their home, seeing a solar panel installation up close and in person is an invaluable way for our customers to share—with people they know in real life and trust—their reasons for going solar and their experience with Direct Energy Solar.

Open House attendees will experience real-time energy production of their friend’s solar system as well as get their questions answered by a Direct Energy Solar expert who will be in attendance. They can learn about the financial benefits of going solar, see attractive financing options, and discover available solar incentives that can lower their out-of-pocket costs.

And chances are…they’ll decide that solar is the right choice for them, too.

Interested in hosting an open house?

At Direct Energy Solar, we’ll help you host an open house so you can demonstrate to friends and family how solar technology works. We provide a local Solar Consultant and marketing materials for these free events. And for every neighbor who decides to go solar, remember…you receive your referral reward.*

To get started, contact the Direct Energy Solar Marketing team at OR reach out to the Solar Consultant who assisted you with your solar system installation.

*You will receive $500 for each referral who signs a contract with Direct Energy Solar, resulting from the open house. There is no limit to the amount of contracts signed from your open house. This offer is not valid in combination with any other offer. Individuals may not refer themselves. Referrals must have no prior contact with Direct Energy Solar to be considered a customer referral. Payment in the form of a check is sent within 60 days of the sale. If the customer decides to cancel the open house, they will make every effort to provide Direct Energy Solar with at least four weeks notice. The customer agrees that a Direct Energy Solar sales/marketing representative will be onsite to answer questions for visitors.