How to Choose the Right Solar Installer


When you decide to go solar, there is no shortage of options. And this is a good thing. Because the solar industry is so competitive, it’s become a buyer’s market with countless installers competing for your business.

But having too many choices can also be crippling. Where do you even begin?

Here are some useful tips to help you whittle down a sea of options into a more manageable list of candidates. Use this free guide to find the right solar installer for your home or business. In addition, be sure to download your copy of our complimentary worksheet.


DIY solar vs. professional solar installer?

DIY vs. Professional?

Why would you ever hire a professional contractor if you could do the job yourself?

Most people choose DIY solar because they think it’ll be cheaper. And it’s true that you can save money on labor. But in order to qualify for incentives like tax credits, rebates, and net metering, a licensed electrician must handle the installation and grid connection. In the long run, DIY solar costs more than a professional job does.

Here are 3 more reasons why you should hire an experienced contractor:

1: DIY solar can be dangerous. Unless you have experience working with high-voltage electrical equipment, it’s best to leave your installation to the pros.

2: Quality and performance. Experienced contractors know how to maximize the energy generation potential of every rooftop. If you install the panels yourself, the output can vary considerably.

3: Voided solar warranties. Many solar PV manufacturers will only honor their warranties if the installation is performed by a licensed contractor.


Choose a solar installer that is certified and licensed.

Certification and Licensing

When searching for solar contractors, only choose those who are NABCEP-certified and possess electrical licensing (which varies by state). Doing so helps you qualify for relevant incentives and warranties.

In addition, avoid installers who outsource their work. Only select contractors who employ their own in-house teams.

At Direct Energy Solar, our solar engineers are NABCEP-certified and expertly trained. And they meet all local, state, and federal licensing requirements.


Choose a solar installer with installation experience.

Installation Experience

The more experience your contractor has, the better. Your PV system will generate more overall energy, and it will last longer as well. In addition, seasoned professionals often know of incentives that others miss. These “hidden” subsidies can help reduce the total cost of your installation.

Since 2008, we’ve installed thousands of PV systems across the country, earning an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. When you hire our expert installation team, we apply for all relevant incentives on your behalf, helping to reduce the cost of your installation by as much as 50%.


Choose a solar installer that uses quality solar components.

Quality Solar Components

Many installers treat solar as a commodity. But the underlying components of your system can have a tremendous impact on total energy output.

For our installations, we use the highest quality solar components in the industry, including PV panels by ABC and micro-inverters by Enphase. This commitment to quality doesn’t just save you money—it also allows us to offer unparalleled performance guarantees (read on).


Choose a solar installer that provides performance guarantees.

Performance Guarantees

Stick with installers who back their workmanship 100%. A well-installed system should continue generating clean electricity for decades (well beyond the manufacturer’s initial warranty).

All of our installations come with worry-free performance guarantees. If the output from your installation is less than what we promised upfront, we’ll cover the difference and fix the problem—free of charge.


Choose a solar installer that offers options and customization.

Options and Customization

When it comes to solar, one size does NOT fit all. You want an installer who can customize a PV solution that fits your needs. Flexible financing options are also important. Some customers want to buy their installations using cash or loans. Others prefer using solar leases to receive free installations.

At Direct Energy Solar, we custom-design all our PV systems—based on your needs. And we specialize in a broad range of financing options for every budget imaginable.


Choose a solar installer that provides a free consultation.

Free Solar Consultation

Last but not least, only work with solar installers who provide free solar consultations. Some will try to charge for this basic service, but you shouldn’t have to pay a dime to explore your solar options.

All of our solar consultations are 100% free of charge. When you request a solar quote from us, our engineers will:

1: Assess your property’s solar energy potential

2: Custom-design your system

3: Tell you (in advance) how much energy your system will produce

All you have to do is schedule a free consultation today. If the numbers make sense, we can move forward. If not, there’s absolutely no obligation to buy. Sound fair?


Choosing Your Solar Installer Worksheet

Ready to Start Comparing Solar Installers? Use This Worksheet to Help You Evaluate Them.

At Direct Energy Solar, part of our process is to educate our customers and make going solar easy. Knowing what questions to ask the installers you are evaluating and staying organized can help greatly in making your decision.

So be sure to download this complimentary worksheet to help you choose the right installer for you. We hope you find it useful.