Liberty and Energy for All!


It’s officially summer, and it brings out the American values in all of us. July is all about patriotism and celebrating American independence.

Since we just celebrated Independence Day, American freedom is fresh in our minds. With freedom comes choice. You may not realize that you have a choice when it comes to your power source. Month after month, you continue to pay that high electricity bill from your utility provider.

You do have a choice.

Choice is one of the many things that makes this nation great. What better way to show your patriotism than to join the solar revolution to rely less on foreign energy sources and support American jobs—and save money in the process?

We hold the power in our hands to be energy independent. At Direct Energy Solar, we truly believe in the power of energy choice and lowering your cost of electricity. All it takes is the sun and the simple technology of solar panels.

With more than one million solar installations in the United States, the solar industry is on pace to nearly double in size in 2016. And that increase needs a solid American workforce to get the job done. According to a 2015 census by The Solar Foundation, over 208,000 Americans work in solar. By 2020, that number is set to double to more than 420,000.

Solar makes life better. Demonstrate your American values and be a leader in your community by setting a positive example that your neighbors will want to follow. When you go solar, we all win. Every time someone in America switches to solar power, we’re one step closer to lowering our dependence on foreign and polluting energy sources, creating a cleaner environment for all to enjoy.

You can feel proud that while saving money each month, you’ve become part of a movement to take back control, to lead the charge (yes, pun intended!), and to change the world.

It all starts with making that choice to declare your energy independence, and the first step is to request a free solar consultation.