Solar Power: Affordable, Local and Bright


Solar power is shining in the U.S. With initiatives to make solar affordable for all Americans and regional solar installers on the rise, now is a great time to go solar and get the most out of your investment—with the bright idea of solar ownership.

Summer is still in full swing (as you probably know from your electricity bill!), and while you have been basking in the sunshine, so has solar energy. It’s been a pretty amazing couple of weeks for the solar industry and there’s a goal to make solar power affordable for every American. On July 19, President Obama announced his “Clean Energy Savings for All Americans Initiative” showing our federal government’s commitment to promoting energy efficiency and ensuring that every American family can choose to go solar and cut their energy bills.

Since President Obama took office, solar power has increased 30 fold and solar jobs are growing 12 times faster than the rest of the economy. And while so many people are choosing to go solar, GTM Research noticed another trend: that regional installers, like Direct Energy Solar, are growing faster than national installers (chances are, you’ve heard their names).

Why is that? As a regional installer, our solar experts at Direct Energy Solar understand the opportunities unique to your geographic area. We have local expertise. We’re focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience that involves understanding our customers’ goals, providing options that empower our customers, installing in a timely fashion, and ensuring our customers get the most out of their solar installation.

And speaking of “getting the most of your solar installation,” did you know that solar ownership is the brightest idea of all? This ensures you can take advantage of the popular 30% Federal Tax Credit as well as the other incentives that make the benefits of solar ownership pretty hard to beat.

This is a great time to be a part of the solar industry. And even better? There’s still time to take advantage of this growth and have your system installed by the end of this year so you can claim your 30% Federal Tax Credit next tax season!

Now that’s a bright idea.

Our mission is to ensure you get the most out of your solar experience. We can help you design a financing approach that meets your budget and goals. Schedule your free solar consultation today to learn more.