Spring Forward and Own Your Energy


Spring forward to lower energy bills, energy ownership, and savings from sunshine.

Daylight Saving Time is upon us. Spring is here! The days are getting longer, which means more sunshine each and every day. It’s the perfect time to spring your electricity bill into the future with solar.

Why? With the amazing news that we’re about to share with you, you are going to want to join the solar revolution, which is getting bigger and bigger each year.

2016 was the biggest year for solar…ever.

The numbers are in. We’re proud to tell you that 2016 was solar’s best year yet. The SEIA is reporting that the U.S. installed 14,762 MWdc of solar PV in 2016, nearly doubling the previous record. For the first time ever, solar was the number one source of new electricity generating capacity.

And that’s not all. The SEIA also reports that pricing fell by nearly 20 percent in 2016, making solar even more affordable for American businesses.

Solar power is not going anywhere…because the sun isn’t going anywhere. It rose today. It’ll rise tomorrow. It’ll continue to rise every day to power your business with sunshine. The amount of solar power installed in the U.S. is expected to nearly triple in size over the next five years. This is just the beginning.

And now with Daylight Saving Time upon us, there’s even more sunshine to go around and an abundance of bright days ahead. You just switched your clock ahead. It’s now time to switch your energy and power your business into the future.

You just switched your clock ahead. It’s now time to switch your energy to the future with solar.

Look outside. Think about that sunshine powering your business every day. Think about what those extra hours of sunshine could mean for your utility bill and your bottom line, especially with warmer weather around the corner. It’s time to lead the charge and take ownership of your energy expenses. It’s time to install a consistent, reliable source of power on your property. It’s time to decide your impact on the planet.

The first step? Choosing your solar installer. See why you should choose Direct Energy Solar. This information will help you make a smart decision as you select your solar installer, who will bring your even smarter decision to secure your energy future a reality for you.

Spring forward and take charge of your energy future. Will you help us break 2016’s record and make 2017 the best year for solar yet? We invite you to join the solar revolution.

Spring forward and take charge of your energy future.