Summer Sunshine is Here!


Are you happy that summer is finally here? The weather has been beautiful lately, filled with longer days, warmer weather, and of course—lots of sunshine! Not only does that bring lots of summer fun, but—as we all know—it brings a rise in outdoor temperatures.

This means that your air conditioner is going to be running on full steam to keep you and your family cool and comfortable over the next couple of months.

Year after year, we know it’s coming, and yet we do nothing about it; when temperatures rise, so do our electricity bills. That’s why solar power’s prime time is summer. Longer summer days mean you can take advantage of the abundance of sunshine to power your home.

Yes, solar panels are beneficial year-round, but solar panels collect the most energy during the summer. Their impact on your electricity bill is most noticeable during this season because of how much energy we use to stay cool.

Summer brings out the American values in all of us. There’s barbeques, time with family, and Independence Day where we celebrate our freedom. What better way to show your patriotism than to join the solar revolution to rely less on foreign energy sources and support American jobs? We hold the power in our hands to be energy independent!

Be the envy of your neighbors as you keep cool this summer and don’t sweat the fact that your air conditioner is running. Summer is for relaxing and enjoying time with family, not for stressing over your looming energy bill each month.

Let’s beat the heat together! Will you join us?

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