What Is a Solar Production Guarantee and Why Do You Need One?


With no moving parts, solar is one of the most durable energy-generation technologies in the world. Once installed, your photovoltaic (PV) system can last for decades with minimal maintenance. This is why solar panel manufacturers can safely offer 25-year warranties for their products.

Many reputable installers also offer workmanship warranties that protect you against malfunctions arising from improper setup. Usually lasting 5 to 10 years, these workmanship warranties are fairly common given that breakages are very infrequent within the industry.

Despite all of this protection, however, some installers also offer solar production guarantees. But what does this guarantee provide, and do you really need this additional coverage?

Solar Production Guarantee Defined

The solar industry is booming right now. And no matter where you live, there is no shortage of PV installers who would love to have your business. Competition is at an all time high.

Unfortunately, many of these installers overpromise what your PV installation will generate. By showing you exaggerated numbers about energy output and ROIs, these unscrupulous contractors are much more likely to make a sale.

When your newly installed panels don’t deliver as promised, you don’t have much recourse. It’s possible to take the contractor to court, but it’s usually not worth the hassle.

And many installers know this.

But when there’s a solar production guarantee involved, contractors are legally obligated to stand behind their promises.

Here’s how it works in practice:

How a solar production guarantee works

  • During the inspection and proposal process, the solar installers tell you what your system will generate once the panels are installed. You have that information in advance—before moving forward.
  • If your system doesn’t perform as promised, the installers are required to resolve the issue. Some solar production guarantees even include special “compensation” clauses. The PV contractor will pay you for any losses incurred as a result of poor system performance.

Do You Really Need a Solar Production Guarantee?

There is no law requiring that installers provide customers with production guarantees. But as a homeowner or business manager, you should absolutely insist on this type of protection.

However, be careful.

Some installers will try to use “soft” numbers based on ideal laboratory conditions—i.e. this is what your PV system could generate provided that your home meets certain criteria.

This is NOT a solar production guarantee.

You want transparent and customized wording specific to your property—not some laboratory on the other side of the world.

What Solar Guarantees Do We Provide?

At Direct Energy Solar, we stand behind our PV installation services 100%. Whether as a residential customer or corporate client, you benefit from:


Direct Energy Solar manufacturer warranties

1. Solar Product Warranties

We only use high quality PV components from industry-leading solar manufacturers. All the panels in our product line come with a minimum of 25-years of protection. And depending on the manufacturer, our solar panel optimizers carry warranties ranging from 12 years to 25 years.


Direct Energy Solar workmanship warranties

2. Solar Workmanship Warranties

We guarantee that your solar PV installation will be free of any defects stemming from labor or components for 20 years.


Direct Energy Solar production guarantees

3. Solar Production Guarantees

Because we only use cutting-edge tools to analyze your property’s solar irradiance and energy potential, we know exactly how much clean power your home or business can generate. And we clearly state this output in writing before you commit. We guarantee your system’s production for 20 years.

  • If your system over-performs, you get to keep those savings.
  • If your installation ever falls short of our production estimates, we’ll correct the issue and compensate you for any shortfalls.

In short, you receive worry-free coverage when you trust our experienced team to handle your solar installation.

We even provide real-time monitoring to ensure your PV installation continues to deliver optimal energy output with each new sunrise. This is because we are deeply committed to helping you get the most out of your clean power investment.

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