What Makes a Successful Solar Partnership?


With Direct Energy Solar’s Referral Partner Program, various companies throughout the Northeast are spreading the word about solar power to their customers—and making money from it.

It’s a win-win for everyone. The partner earns rewards for each customer who goes solar. Those customers save money on their utility bill. And we all benefit from a healthier planet.

We’d like to introduce you to one partner in particular who is leading the charge and seeing great success with our program, Kenneth Schmitt of Diversified Corporate Services.

Diversified Corporate Services

Tell us about your business and your customer profile.

Diversified Corporate Services is a consulting business that began in 1982. We provide services in telecommunications hardware and network access. In 2009, we launched ESCO services and propane resale to residential and business customers.

How did you find out about the Direct Energy Solar Referral Partner Program?

I learned about the program through my Direct Energy Solar Consultant, Joel Vinolas (Solar Joel). Solar Joel tried to sell me a solar system for my home, but we were not able to go solar due to my low utility rate and my wife not wanting to cut down any of our trees to the south.

A few months later, Solar Joel called—knowing what business I was in—to talk to me about the Referral Partner Program.

What was your main motivation for signing up as a referral partner with Direct Energy Solar?

Using the unique strength of Direct Energy and Direct Energy Solar in my geographic footprint enables me to bring additional services to my existing and new contacts.

What value does being a referral partner provide to you?

Being a referral partner provides the advantage of having access to services and products that are actually installed for my customers and then receiving compensation for doing so.

What makes a successful partnership? Do you have any tips for other partners?

Communication and following up with Solar Joel and Direct Energy Solar personnel has been beneficial.

The participation with Solar Joel in actual sales meetings with customers, being on site for solar system installations, and meeting and sharing thoughts with the Direct Energy Solar team at all levels is very helpful. The accumulated knowledge and understanding makes it possible to speak from “first hand” knowledge to prospects.

How do you spread the word about solar to your customers?

I contact my base of customers to provide information on the economic value that accrues to them by using Direct Energy Solar for solar power. I also meet with Solar Joel regularly to discuss other out-of-the-box ideas to get new prospects.

What has been your most successful form of outreach to you customers thus far?

Face-to-face contact has been the most successful form of outreach.

What would you say to a business, organization or corporation considering joining this program?

Understand the marketplace and costs of power to the consumer. Also, learn as much as you can from your Direct Energy Solar Consultant to be able to answer questions and objections.

Interested in learning more about Direct Energy Solar’s Referral Partner Program?

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