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Astrum CEO Vadim Polikov pointed to a focus on building an “infrastructure” at the outset to enable the company to scale very quickly.


Vadim Polikov founded #2 Astrum Solar to fill a simple need: give homeowners access to solar-powered energy.


Howard County-based Astrum Solar was recently ranked second on Inc. Magazine's list of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the nation for 2012.


Astrum Solar President Vadim Polikov on the factors driving the solar company’s huge growth.


Astrum Solar ranked highest in the state, and second overall on the list, with 23,577 percent growth in the last three years.


Astrum Solar installed the solar panels on the first installation completed in a slew of projects in the works through the Solarize program.


The Green Communities of Lincoln, Sudbury and Wayland have reached the threshold that guarantees the lowest pricing available, with two months left to go before the deadline.


The three communities together are under a single Solarize Massachusetts grant and collectively achieved the milestone.


Jeff Caligari hopes Solarize Mass is the answer to his store’s rising utility costs.


Two Berkshire communities are participating in a statewide effort to expand the use of solar energy in private homes and small businesses.