Solar for Business

Solar power

Going solar saves your company money.

Electricity costs are a drain on your bottom line—going solar is a forward-thinking decision that makes good business sense today. One easy switch to solar can dramatically impact your business’s profitability. Your monthly electricity bill will be less than what you are currently paying, so you’ll immediately improve your operating income.

Let us help you save money on your energy bills with a reliable, low-cost solar solution for your facility.

Featured Testimonial

“Our solar investment here will, over time, repay itself again, and again, and again, making our properties and our organization and our residents sustainable.”

Michael Bodaken

President of the National Housing Trust

Why is solar a forward-thinking solution to power your business?

Solar power lowers business operating costs.

Solar Power Lowers Your Operating Costs

Reduce your company’s energy costs when you switch to solar with Direct Energy Solar. Drive immediate and significant savings to general operating costs. Switching to solar can be one of the strongest and most important financial investments any company can make.

Innovations like tax credits, grants, and loans make solar affordable.

Innovations Make Solar Affordable

There has never been a better time to go solar. Equipment costs are at all-time lows and innovative financing makes solar affordable. The Solar Investment Tax Credit and numerous state and local grants are available to drive your savings.

Demonstrate leadership by going solar.

Demonstrate Leadership in Your Company, Industry and Community

  • People everywhere are going solar, including your customers and employees. Now you can join them.
  • Demonstrate to your customers and employees that you are serious about becoming a sustainable company. Making your own power is good financially and the right thing to do socially.
Going solar helps the environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Converting to solar energy will positively impact a goal of slowing climate change. Every kilowatt hour that your system produces will lessen the amount of carbon generating power, believed to be contributing to climate change, that your uility must supply.

SEIA reports that solar energy has offset 37 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, equilavent to planting 956 million trees!

Solar is good business sense.

Discover the benefits of choosing to power your company with clean energy from the sun.

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