Meet Our Leadership Team

Dung Tran

Dung Tran

Head of Direct Energy Solar

Dung Tran currently leads Direct Energy Solar and has been with Direct Energy for close to six years. Since joining the company in 2010, Dung has spent most of his time in the wholesale and retail energy divisions overseeing strategy, business development, and analytics—first on the commodity trading floor and then in the residential retail energy line. Dung has helped lead the acquisition of Hess’ commercial and industrial retail marketing unit and the launch of Plenti, a national consumer rewards program, with American Express.

Dung comes to Direct Energy with over 20 years of energy industry experience. Dung started his career with Enron where he worked in finance, retail, and wholesale business units both domestically and internationally. Later, he worked at TXU Energy and Luminant where he has held a variety of roles including serving as the Chief Financial Officer of TXU Energy as well as being the Chief Risk Officer of Luminant.

Dung is a graduate of Rice University and holds dual degrees in history and mechanical engineering. Dung currently resides in Houston, TX with his wife and three sons with a fourth son away at college.

Some of his hobbies include visiting national parks, checking out hole-in-the-wall food joints, and following sports.

Why solar? “Going solar is one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century to be a part of a seismic shift in changing our society. Solar is transforming how we live, one home at a time.”

Chris Hann

Chris Hann

Head of Finance

Chris has been with Direct Energy Solar since 2014 and currently serves as the Head of Finance, overseeing the forecasting, key performance reporting, and long-term strategic goals of the company.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Stevenson University and has 20 plus years of financial/accounting experience across a wide spectrum of industries including manufacturing, consulting services, banking, and private equity. His most recent positions were within The Adecco Group & Iron Mountain Records prior to joining Direct Energy Solar. He currently resides in Hanover, PA with his spouse, three children, and several foster dogs at any given time.

Why solar? “Solar—clean and affordable energy for everyone. It just makes sense. I want to be part of helping to drive the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.”

Harry Keifer

Harry Keifer

Head of New England Residential Solar

Harry has been with Direct Energy for over 5 years and most recently holds the position of Head of Residential Solar for the New England Division. Prior to joining the solar division in September of 2015, he held the role as Head of Sales for Direct Energy’s home warranty division, Home Warranty of America dating back to January of 2011.

Prior to Direct Energy, Harry was Regional Sales Manager for The Real Estate Book, a division of Network Communications, Inc., for just over 6 years. Throughout his career, Harry has developed and implemented winning strategies in all environments from startups to turnarounds; improved sales revenues, operating efficiency and productivity; reengineered sales and operations business practices and procedures; improved B2B and B2C sales including account profitability; and enhanced delivery of goods/services across diverse industries.

Harry has a B.A. in Business Management from University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He currently resides in St Louis, MO with his wife and two boys.

Why solar? “Because energy prices are so unpredictable, they make managing your budget very difficult. By vastly reducing these costs and making them more predictable, solar power systems make a positive difference in the lives of our customers.”

Chris Benonis

Chris Benonis

Head of CT/NY Residential Solar

Chris has been with the company since 2010 and currently holds the position of Head of Residential Solar for the Connecticut & New York Division. Prior to this role, he led the Direct Energy Solar Strategy & Pricing group, with responsibilities for pricing, new market evaluation, and competitive intelligence. During his tenure he has held positions in the Operations, Business Development, Information Technology, and Finance Departments. Each position has provided unique insights into the challenges and prospects facing the industry that drive a holistic analytical framework for evaluating opportunity.

Prior to Direct Energy Solar, Chris worked with an energy efficiency consulting firm specializing in energy master planning projects for private, municipal, and institutional clients. He also has spent time consulting in the healthcare industry on waste minimization, recycling, and logistics strategies designed to meet goals of environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility.

Chris has a BA in Economics & Business and Geology from Lafayette College and a Master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University. Chris now resides in Davidsonville, MD with his wife.

Why solar? “Security of access to energy resources in an ever-changing global environment is the signal challenge of the 21st Century. Solar power democratizes access to those resources, providing a stable, safe, and certain source of energy capable of powering the globe thousands of times over.”

Anthony Bramante

Anthony Bramante

Head of Mid-Atlantic Residential Solar

Anthony has been with the company since 2013 and oversees our community and partner programs, customer experience, and company brand. Over the years Anthony has held roles on our engineering, logistics, and field operations teams.

Before he came to Direct Energy Solar, Anthony worked for a consulting group managing the construction of high-voltage transmission lines across Minnesota and Wisconsin. He also served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, working with local communities and governments in both Iraq (2009) and Afghanistan (2010–11).

Anthony has a B.A. in Government and Economics from Dartmouth College. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two kids.

Why solar? “Why would I want to pay more to my utility for electricity? Solar technology allows me to own an attractive architectural covering that turns sunlight into electricity. Solar increases the value of my home and reduces the amount coming out of my bank account each month.”

Ron French

Ron French

Head of Commercial Solar

Ron French joined the company at the beginning of 2015 and serves as the Head of Commercial Solar. Ron is 10 year veteran of the solar industry and was previously the president of SolarWorks, Inc, Alteris Renewables, Inc. and the commercial division of RGS Energy after those companies merged. Additionally, he has experience on the solar financing side of the business with Smart Energy Capital and Nextera Energy Resources.

Ron has a BA in Economics from the University of Vermont and an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School, along with 30 years of corporate management experience. Prior to his solar experience Ron’s sales, business development and marketing skills earned him senior positions at several Fortune 500 companies including Apple Computer, MCI, Merck, and WebMD.

Why solar? “Technology innovation has given us a cost-effective, elegant solution to a growing energy concern. I want to help prospective customers realize the financial benefits of solar as we build a greener future.”

Sini George

Sini George

Head of Strategy and Customer Innovation

Sini George is currently the Head of Innovation for Direct Energy Solar and has been with Direct Energy since 2014. Since joining the company, she has worked both in residential retail energy innovation and in solar innovation. She led the teams that developed products such as the company’s residential demand response offering, the energy efficiency audit tool, and the bundled retail energy & solar product.

Prior to joining Direct Energy, Sini spent over ten years in the energy industry. She started her career at ExxonMobil where she worked both in the research & engineering and supply & trading organizations. She then spent six years at Pacific Gas & Electric Company where she held a variety of roles including leading the natural gas transmission and wholesale marketing business.

Sini holds a Master in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. She currently resides in Houston with her husband and twin girls.

Why solar? “The energy industry is going through a period of critical change—both from centralized to distributed resources as well as from high carbon fuels to low/no carbon sources. Solar will play a critical part in the overall solution while also providing customers with an economic choice in how they purchase their energy.”


Patrick Gleason

Head of Products and Customer Experience

Patrick Gleason is the Head of Products and Customer Experience where he is responsible for management of the Direct Energy Solar brand, its pricing and product offerings, customer financing options, lead generation activities via company events, call center qualification of digital leads, and training for key front-line staff positions.

Prior to this role, Patrick was Director of Business Development where he was responsible for financing products, managing key vendor relationships, and developing strategic initiatives to improve sales and operations.

Prior to joining Direct Energy Solar, Patrick worked at Pacific Gas & Electric, with a focus on finance, emergency operations, and customer strategy and at EDP Renewables where he focused on asset management. Before transitioning to the energy space, Patrick spent more than 7 years working in risk and operations consulting for a global consulting firm, Protiviti.

Patrick earned his MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, with a focus on Energy and Finance. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame.

Why solar? “It is a great investment—for both my family’s finances as well as the planet.”

Robin Vinopal

Robin Vinopal

Head of Asset and Business Operations

Robin has been with Direct Energy Solar since 2014 and currently serves as Head of Asset and Business Operations overseeing purchasing and inventory management, fleet and real estate strategy, accounts receivable, plus incentive, finance, and contract administration.

Robin has a BA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and joined Direct Energy Solar with almost 20 years of management experience. Robin started her career in IT and spent 15 years working for Fortune 500 companies including IBM, AOL, and VeriSign. She also served as the COO/CFO for a small entrepreneurial company for nine years. She currently resides in Kensington, MD with her husband.

Why solar? “Solar is environmentally friendly and doesn’t contribute to climate change. Solar produces no harmful emissions and is a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural of all resources: the sun.”

Shea Baham

Shea Baham

Manager—Human Resources

Shea is currently the Manager—Human Resources for Direct Energy Solar. Prior to joining Direct Energy, Shea was at Shell Oil for 20 years specifically working in leadership development, change management, and diversity and inclusion. She’s spent time with leading organizations through transformations and has a passion for developing talent.

Shea has earned the Senior Professional in Human Resources certification and holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management from Texas A&M University.

Why solar? “Solar is an opportunity for a family to not only make an impact on their household but also on the environment. I support those efforts that will provide and preserve for our future generations.”