Spread the Word. Get a Reward.

Know someone who may benefit from going solar?

Refer your friends and put some extra sunshine in your pocket.

Step 1: Refer your friends.

1.) Refer your friends.

Get started by referring your friends using the form below. Our team will reach out to them to determine their solar potential.

Step 2: Your friends go solar.

2.) Your friends go solar.

Our team of solar experts will tailor your friend’s system and maximize their benefits from going solar.

Step 3: You get $500.

3.) You get $500.1

When your friend’s solar system is installed, you get $500—and there’s no limit to how many people you can refer!

Lead the charge and get rewarded for encouraging friends and family to join the solar revolution.

You’ll be doing your part to help our planet, your wallet, and your friend’s wallet.

  • It’s good for you—you earn money.
  • It’s good for your friends—they save money.
  • It’s good for the planet—lower carbon footprint.
  • Also, consider hosting a solar open house—it’s another easy way to receive $500 from each sale.2 Contact Lindsey Williams at 443.239.9809 or email her for more information or to schedule your open house!