How Does Solar Work?

Solar power

A sunny day now means a consistent energy source for your home.

The sun is a constant. It rose today. It’ll rise tomorrow...and the day after that. It’ll continue to rise every day to power your home with sunshine. Sunshine isn’t going anywhere!

People all over the United States are harnessing this sunshine with solar panels on their rooftops. You may have seen a solar system on your neighbor’s roof, or while out for a drive, and wondered:

“Why did they go solar, and why now?”

“Can solar work for me?”

“How do I even go about comparing solar installers?”

Don’t worry, we’ll bring you up to speed.

Going solar is an exciting leap to a new level of energy efficiency, independence and conservation.

You see sunshine all the time...enjoying your morning cup of coffee, playing golf, or just gazing out of your window.

You’ll see that sunshine in a new way when you go solar, knowing your solar panels are turning it into clean, affordable energy.

Solar power is on the rise in the United States.

2015 was a momentous year for solar power in the United States. The residential solar market experienced its largest annual growth rate yet! 2,099 MW was installed, a 66% growth over 2014, according to the SEIA.

So what’s driving this rush for solar power adoption?

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