Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

Solar power

With all of the options, you may be thinking “How do I choose a solar company?” Let’s help you evaluate.

All sunlight is created equal. Solar installers are not. Your choice of solar installer is an important decision. After all, they will be working with you to design your system, install your system, and provide decades of support.

There’s no shortage of options—it’s become a buyer’s market with countless installers competing for your business. How do you decide which installer is right for you and your family?

Here are some important questions to ask your solar installer.

Is my consultation free and my quote accurate?

You should never have to pay for a quote from a solar company. And that quote should accurately predict your solar production and electricity savings for the next 20-25 years.

Do you have a performance guarantee?

If the output from your installation is less than what your installer promised upfront, this guarantee ensures the contractor will correct the problem and compensate you for any losses.

What financing options can you provide me, and what is best?

Your solar installer should clearly explain all options to you and the benefits of each. Some companies will try to steer you toward an option that is best for them instead of you.

What is your installation experience in my area?

The benefit of choosing a regional solar installer is that they are experts in state and local incentives, as well as obtaining necessary permits. The more experience, the better!

Do you use quality solar technology?

Cheaper isn’t always better, as the components of your system can have a tremendous impact on total energy output. Choose an installer that provides high quality solar components.

Do you use microinverter technology?

This technology is a must if you want a system that maximizes your energy production. If one panel goes down or is shaded, it won’t hinder the performance of the rest of the system.

Is your company certified and licensed?

Choose a company with NABCEP-certified employees and has the appropriate licensing (which varies by state). This helps you qualify for relevant incentives and warranties.

Who will be installing my system?

Avoid installers who outsource their work. Companies who employ their own in-house installation and electrical teams can ensure a consistent, quality experience.

Do you provide support post-installation?

Your solar system will be on your roof for decades, so you should ensure your selected installer provides maintenance, guarantees, warranties, and system monitoring and will still be around in 10 years if you need to use them.

Do you stand by your work?

Stick with installers who back their workmanship 100%. A well-installed system should continue generating clean electricity for decades.

Download our complimentary guide to choosing a solar installer that includes the questions to ask!

Download our complimentary guide to choosing a solar installer that includes the questions to ask!

At Direct Energy Solar, part of our process is to educate our customers and make going solar easy. Knowing what questions to ask the installers you are evaluating and staying organized can help greatly in making your decision.

So be sure to download this complimentary worksheet to help you select your solar installer.

And see first-hand why thousands of homeowners have selected us.

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