Does My Home Qualify for Solar?

Solar power

Several factors are considered to determine your solar potential.

The amount of energy generated from solar panels depends on the size of the system, which is limited only by your available roof space and your budget. It’s possible to supply 100% of your home's electricity from solar panels, but most solar homes are “hybrids,” with part of their electricity coming from panels and part from the utility grid.

The more direct sunlight your solar panels receive, the more power they produce—meaning more electricity savings for you.

How does your home look, using the below criteria as a guide?

Factor #1: Roof Area

Factor #1: Roof Area

Available roof space determines how large of a system you can install.

The more surface area your roof has, the more solar panels you can install and more power you can produce.

Note that roof size isn't the only consideration—you also have to think about obstacles like chimneys, vents, and antennas.

Factor #2: Roof Orientation

Factor #2: Roof Orientation

Does your roof face north, south, east, or west?

South facing roofs are ideal for solar, since they will ensure maximum sun exposure and capture the most light during the sun’s trajectory across the sky.

You could still be a good candidate for solar even if your roof isn’t oriented to the south. East-facing and west-facing rooftops can also generate a lot of solar energy throughout the day.

Factor #3: Roof Shading

Factor #3: Roof Shading

Do any trees, adjacent homes, or other obstacles block sun exposure on your roof?

Excessive shading will compromise your system’s performance.

Sometimes this issue can be resolved by trimming trees or considering a ground mount system.

The only sure way to know if your home is good for solar is to talk to us!

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