Solar Myths

Solar power

So many myths about solar. Let’s shine light on the truth.

At Direct Energy Solar, we talk to so many people who believe “facts” about solar that are just plain wrong. It’s understandable. Though solar has been around for decades, solar adoption is suddenly growing dramatically—in fact, 2015 was the biggest year for solar power yet, according to GTM Research.

So for many people—perhaps even for you—solar is still new, a mystery, and the facts aren’t clear. Here are eight things we hear about solar that just aren’t true, and the real solar truths you should know.

Here’s 8 things about solar that simply are not true.

MYTH: Solar is only for the wealthy.

Solar is affordable for almost any homeowner.

TRUTH: Solar is an affordable energy solution for almost any homeowner.

Research from American Progress shows that the majority of homeowners adopting solar have incomes in the $40K to $90K range.

There are three requirements. 1) You must own your home. 2) You must have a roof that gets sun. 3) You have to have good credit. (It doesn’t need to be fabulous. Just good.)

At Direct Energy Solar, we offer a variety of ways to finance your system so you can receive the maximum benefits from going solar.

MYTH: Switching to solar is a lot of hard work.

MYTH: There’s not enough sunlight in our state for solar.

MYTH: I can save on solar if I wait.

MYTH: Solar is a hassle to maintain.

MYTH: Solar is only for environmentalists.

MYTH: Solar lowers the value of my home.

MYTH: Solar is not a good financial investment.

Need us to shine some light on more myths about solar? Or have a question that needs answering?

We understand that solar can be confusing and want to help educate our neighbors interested in powering their homes with sunshine. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions.

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