Solar Cost and Savings

Solar power

Plug into the sun and save on your electricity bills.

Are you tired of that unpredictable electricity bill? A great way to take control of your energy costs is to use the power of the sun. Solar energy has the potential to save you thousands on your energy bills for decades.

Solar energy’s positive impact on daily life is profound. When your home is solar powered, you can worry less about the small stuff, like recharging your family’s gadgets or turning up the thermostat a few degrees on a chilly night. And you can feel great about the big stuff, like your lighter carbon footprint and the example you are setting for your friends, neighbors and family.

Solar power is on the rise. There’s several reasons for the surge in solar adoption:

Solar costs are falling

Equipment prices have fallen dramatically.

Equipment prices are at all-time lows, so now is the perfect time to begin your solar investment and lock in lower rates.

Solar incentives lower costs

Federal, state and local incentives are everywhere.

You can take advantage of generous incentives that lower your solar installation out-of-pocket costs.

Variety of solar payment options

A variety of financing options are available.

It’s not only cash purchase and lease options anymore—solar loans make solar ownership a reality for many homeowners.

You may have asked some of the below questions to yourself, and we think they are the right questions to ask.

“How much does solar cost? How can I pay for it? How long before I break even?”

We want to help educate our neighbors investigating solar for their homes, because when you go solar, we all win by lowering our dependence on foreign and polluting energy sources, creating a cleaner environment for us all.

Discover How You Save with Solar