The Payback of Solar

Solar power

Solar is a guaranteed investment.

How can we say that? The fact is that regardless of how you end up acquiring a solar system, your panels begin lowering your consumption of utility power from the moment your installation is completed.

That means lower power bills from day one!

The amount of your cost reduction depends on a variety of factors which we’ll discuss, but the bottom line is you immediately lower your out-of-pocket costs for electricity.

Solar has many factors that influence your return. Let’s take a look.

The Size of Your Installation

The size of your solar installation influences your solar payback.

On average, solar panels can generate approximately 250 watts per panel. The maximum amount your total system can produce is equal to the number of panels multiplied by 250 watts. Many of our systems are in the 8 kW range, which means a system comprised of 32 panels.

At Direct Energy Solar, Every Installation is Tailored to You

So it’s difficult to tell any homeowner that a “standard” size system will fit their circumstances. We really need to look at your roof and current electricity usage to determine your optimal system capacity—and therefore, how much your system will produce.

The specific nature of your roof and its orientation will impact your system capacity, and therefore, production.

Let’s Take a Look at Your Home

Your Available Sunlight During the Course of the Year

Your Electricity Consumption and Rates

The Total Cost of Your Installation

How You Pay for Your Installation