Our Custom Solar Process

Solar power

We’re ready to help you harness the sun.

You and your home are unique. A cookie-cutter experience for your solar installation won’t provide you with choices so you can decide what’s best for you, your family, and home. Nor will it provide you with the best value.

At Direct Energy Solar, our customized process is tailored to each individual—this means we can maximize your energy production and you control how you pay for solar, so you receive greater financial returns and get the most benefits out of your solar home.

See how we deliver the best value in solar to you:

We evaluate your home for solar.

Step 1: A Quick Phone Call

On a quick, 10-minute phone call, we’ll evaluate your home's solar potential using our advanced 3D aerial imagery technology and discuss your current electricity bill.

Our consultative approach helps us learn everything we can about your goals and priorities so we can see if solar makes sense for you and then design the system that is best for your home.

We custom-design your system for your home.

Step 2: We Design Your Solar System

If your home is a good candidate for solar, we’ll use the latest technology to measure your sunlight and custom-design a solar system that is tailored specifically for your home.

We’ll maximize your solar potential and provide you with a state-of-the-art production estimate that we guarantee for 20 years.

Review your solar proposal.

Step 3: Review Your Proposal

A local Solar Consultant will meet with you in your home, at your convenience, to review your custom system design, guaranteed energy production, a choice of payment options, incentives, warranties, your savings over the next couple of decades, and more.

You’ll have all the facts from our friendly, consultative team to make an informed decision.

We install your system on your home.

Step 4: Installation & Power Up!

Your Project Lead will handle permitting, inspections, interconnection, and more during your project—you don’t have to worry about the tedious stuff...just the exciting fact you are going solar!

Installations are estimated to be completed within 90-120 days. Once we receive approval from your utility company, your net meter is installed and you can power up!

You get decades of support.

Step 5: Support for the Life of Your System

You’re part of the Direct Energy Solar family and now a proud owner of a solar system. You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive a support for the life of your system from a company that has helped thousands of homeowners switch to solar power.

We take care of any problems that arise and are dedicated to helping you get the most benefits out of your solar home.