Your Going Solar Team

Solar power

Our expert team is dedicated to making the miracle of solar power come true for you.

When you work with Direct Energy Solar, you benefit from our large in-house team of sales representatives, project leads, system designers, electricians, installers, and customer support representatives who efficiently manage every step of your project—so you can rest easy knowing you an expert, consistent team taking care of you and your home.

Sit back and relax—preferably in the sunshine. We’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Meet your Direct Energy Solar “Going Solar” team!

Solar Advisor

Solar Advisor

When you fill out the Free Solar Consultation form on our website or call 800-903-6130 to see if solar is right for your home, you will meet one of our Solar Advisors.

Your Solar Advisor will evaluate your home's solar potential using our advanced 3D aerial imagery technology and will discuss your current electricity bill.

If your home is great for solar, your Solar Advisor will request a system design from your System Designer and schedule your appointment with your Solar Consultant.

System Designer

System Designer

Your System Designer uses the latest technology to measure the amount of sunlight your home receives, then custom-designs a solar system that is tailored specifically for your home.

Your System Designer’s goal is to maximize your solar potential based on your current electricity usage, utility price, and available roof space. Your system design comes with a state-of-the-art production estimate that we guarantee for 20 years.

We have your system design ready. Now it’s time to meet with your Solar Consultant.

Solar Consultant

Solar Consultant

Once your Solar Consultant receives your system design from your System Designer, he or she will prepare a custom proposal for you. Your proposal will include incentives, your solar payback, electricity savings, payment options, warranties/guarantees, and more.

Your Solar Consultant will meet with you in your home, at your convenience, to review your system design and proposal. They are a local expert and your resource to answer any questions you have.

Decided to move forward? Great! Let’s get your project started with your Project Lead.

Project Lead

Project Lead

Once you sign your contract, your project is assigned to a Project Lead from our Solar Operations team. Your Project Lead is your local dedicated resource for your solar installation. He or she will schedule a kick-off meeting to review your project with you.

You are in good hands. Your Project Lead will handle permitting, inspections, interconnection, scheduling and more during your project—you don’t have to worry about the tedious stuff...just the exciting fact you are going solar!

Now get’s your installation day!

Solar Installers and Electricians

Installation and Electrical Teams

The team arriving to your home on your installation day is comprised of installers and electricians. You will have a Lead Installer and Lead Electrician on site to ensure your project runs smoothly and is installed efficiently and safely.

Our teams pride themselves on pristine workmanship.

Many of our team members are even proud North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified installers, so you know you have the best in the industry taking care of your home.

Customer Advisor

Customer Advisor

Once your system is up and running, your Project Lead will introduce you to our Customer Care team.

The finish line is not when your system is installed. It’s just the beginning of our relationship! Your system can last for decades, and our Customer Care team is dedicated to ensuring you continue to get the most from your solar system for its entire life. We’re here to handle those “What if?”s should any issues arise with your system.

Welcome to the Direct Energy Solar family! We look forward to serving you for decades. Enjoy the sunshine!